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Industry Awakens to Threat of Climate Change

On The Perfectly Flaky Hawk

WASHINGTON — Coca-Cola has always been more focused on its economic bottom line than on global warming, but when the company lost a lucrative operating license in India because of a serious water shortage there in 2004, things began to change.

Today, after a decade of increasing damage to Coke’s balance sheet as global droughts dried up the water needed to produce its soda, the company has embraced the idea of climate change as an economically disruptive force.

“Increased droughts, more unpredictable variability, 100-year floods every two years,” said Jeffrey Seabright, Coke’s vice president for environment and water resources, listing the problems that he said were also disrupting the company’s supply of sugar cane and sugar beets, as well as citrus for its fruit juices. “When we look at our most essential ingredients, we see those events as threats.”

Coke reflects a growing view among American business leaders and mainstream economists who see global warming as a force that contributes to lower gross domestic products, higher food and commodity costs, broken supply chains and increased financial risk. Their position is at striking odds with the longstanding argument, advanced by the coal industry and others, that policies to curb carbon emissions are more economically harmful than the impact of climate change.

Ronco turned 20!


Concord, ON November 25, 2016:Ronco is proud to announce that this November marks its 20th anniversary as one of the leading PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) manufacturers. With two decades of innovation and steady growth, Ronco has evolved from a small manufacturing company to an internationally recognizedsupplier of quality safety equipment.

Mr. Ron Pecchioli, President at Ronco said: “We have achieved this milestone through the hard work and dedication of all our associates and our commitment to the highest level of customer service that exists throughout the entire organization. We have devoted ourselves to 20 years of product innovation and manufacturing efficiencies to provide our customer with the highest quality of service and Personal Protective Equipment products.”

Since the beginning Ronco’s mission has been to provide first-class products and Ronco continues to innovate and expand its product lines and services to help enhance safety in the workplace. To find out more about Ronco’s large breadth of products covering head, hand and body protection visit www.ronco.ca.

About Ronco: Established in 1996, Ronco is a world class manufacturer of safety products. With a focus on consistent quality and outstanding customer service, Ronco has developed a strong presence across North America for delivering Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) solutions for Head, Hand, and Body, targeting the food, healthcare and industrial sectors.

RONCO is the first glove manufacturer in North America to obtain ISO 22000 certification for Food Safety Management Systems.

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