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Nutrition and Education: Are they interlinked?

On The Tan Duck

Education is the basis of survival in this age. But to have an effective education, apart from an individual’s potential, his/her health plays a critical role. A healthy being is the one that constitutes a blend of mental and physical health. In spite of providing the best educational systems, unhealthy nutrition may make all the efforts go in vain.

Healthy food and education go hand in hand. Have a look at the list of food items you should eat to say fit, healthy and which would certainly help in absorbing and retaining a good education.

1. Vegetables and Fruits

Each vegetable especially the green leafy vegetables carry nutrition and strengthen the body. Fruits on the other hand are a rich source of vitamins and minerals. They should necessarily be included in the diet of every individual.

Even smoothies are bad now! What on earth can I still eat?

On The Rough Polar Bear

‘Smoothies are bad even if you make them yourself – the sugar content quadruples!’ That’s what my friend told me yesterday at a BBQ. I’ve literally only had 2 weeks since I bought myself a hand blender and have been religiously making batches of smoothies to eat for breakfast! It was part of her ‘sugar is the enemy of happiness’ tirade, which I’ve heard from various people, but I think ‘I don’t even eat much sugar! I don’t drink fizzy drinks or eat sweets, I don’t eat microwave meals or much processed food, so I don’t need to worry!’ That is of course until I’m told that even fruit which I’ve blended myself has ‘added sugar’. Nothing’s safe anymore! But I don’t know whether to believe this latest craze – so I thought I should do some research!

The UK obesity problem

So now it appears that health professionals are blaming sugar, rather than fat, for the rising levels of obesity in the UK – we can now proudly boast that 64% of us in the UK are overweight! Isn’t it terrifying! And if you’re anything like me, you actually try quite hard to fit in a few sessions exercising each week, and eat big portions of healthy low-carb low-fat meals with steamed vegetables, and try your best to fit in losing weight without signing up to an expensive and unsatisfying weight loss plan (i.e. half the enjoyment and double the price of normal meals).

Occasional treats are ok in life, I’m convinced of that! Maintain a healthy meal plan but don’t give up on life the first time you have a chocolate bar that week! I see thin people enjoying wine or treats, and although I would like to lose some weight, I actively don’t want to do it at the expense of life’s happiness! I can be patient, eat well, exercise more, and I am convinced the weight will slowly drop off.

But I do need to check whether the healthy meals, snacks, and smoothies that I’m making are really healthy or whether they’re in fact sabotaging my best efforts!

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