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On Imported Blog

Recently I've been super stressed out and overwhelmed, and what I did last year was find the blog http://calnewport.com/blog. The blog helped me organize myself and simply taught myself to be more efficient. I've pretty much forgotten it all so these next few days I'm going to try to digest the whole site and summarize everything shortly below as a reminder to myself of what are my main takeaways.

I just realized I am extremely serious and pseudo-philosophical on this blog, especially compared to how I am in person but oh well.

A Couple That Gets It!

On Millennial Marketing

Melanie and Devin found love on the beautiful campus of Chapman University. Actually they found twodifferent loves. Not only did the sparks ignite between them during their college career, but also they discovered their mutual passion for entrepreneurship. When Melanie and Devin Duncan began back in 2008, internet marketing was in its infancy.When Facebook was only just beginning and Twitter wasn’t even making headlines. Social media was confusing to anyone over the age of 25 and businesses didn’t see it as an opportunity for growth or profit. Neither did Melanie and Devin! With the aid of a few partners, Melanie and Devin started their first company, Custom Greek Threads. Custom Greek Threads mission aimed to solve the problem of not having quality fabrics and designs for students to choose from. Before them students would need to go to great lengths to search for the perfect letters and then have to go pick up orders when they were ready. Melanie and Devin listened to the horror stories and decided to make a change. Their service would make it easy for students to customize Greek Apparel and have it delivered in a timely manner. Like any business in its infancy it was an essential time for the groupto hit the road and SELL SELL SELL! The group would take road trips to other college campuses and have booths with flyers that described the beautiful designs and benefits of using their service. The group was confident that by using this common and formally well-established form of marketing,they would be able to sell their custom product to a student population that they thought they related to. They soon realized it wasn’t working. They were in debt and it was frustrating. The other founders left Melanie and Devin to fend for themselves. Up to this point the story seems pretty grim. Maybe you know someone who has been at this point in their career or maybe you are the one suffering. Melanie and Devin are at a breaking point. They have a slim number of options,get out while they can and cut their losses or reevaluate their strategy and give it another go. They turned to the wonderful world of the internet. Let’s address the elephant in the room. They weren’t selling. But why? They had a fashionable solution to a problem that students faced annually. Then suddenly it struck them like a lightning bolt. It wasn’t that their product was bad, it was just that they weren’t reaching students at the right time! Let’s look back. They were handing out pamphlets and flyers of how great their product was. Students would grab these pamphlets in passing on their way to class without paying attention or taking the time to appreciate the product at hand. Students would glance at the pamphlet, be impressed fora few seconds and then toss them thinking they would figure it out when they needed one. Melanie and Devin realized that they couldn’t count on students to remember their company months in advance of an order so they needed to re-evaluate their methods. They realized that students didn’t want to find the things they wanted through pamphlets but through the internet! Students were “googling” things they needed and “Facebooking” their friends about great products. The duo decided that all their efforts needed be concentrated on these tools. KEY CONCEPT: When a student needs a new type of service or product, they don’t look into the pile of pamphlets they have collected over the years. Instead, they go online and “google” information about it. The information pamphlets end up in the trash while the internet is always at the tips of their fingers. Excited to give their business new life Devin picked up an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for dummies book and got to work. Through much trial and error he was able to learn the systems he needed to get their company to the top of search pages and all over facebook using Facebook ads. The results were tremendous. Students were beginning to familiarize themselves with the product online quickly and spread the word about the service like wildfire. In a short period, they were able to get their business out of debt and make it profitable. They discovered a gold mine of opportunity. From there they were able to create other goods using their sewing machines from Custom Greek Threads and market them in similar ways all over the internet! Their next business of personalized luxury monograms proved a hit all over Facebook and especially Pinteretst. Melanie describes her discovery of pinterest as equivalent to finding a gold mine. Using Pinterest she was able to advertise her products without seeming like a typical ad. Every time their product is pinned it is stored to a persons library of things that they would hope to purchase. No more fliers for this couple. Melanie became so good at using Pinterest to propel her business that she even started her own webinar series called The Power of Pinning. Melanie and Devin have found incredible success by using their knowledge of internet marketing to reach a niche audience. If there is one thing to take away from this incredible couple is that they are relentless. They test and experiment with new media all the time because they are not afraid to fail. For them the internet has become a puzzle that they have fun solving together. They learn what pieces work and don’t work and apply it to new business models. At this point for them they are able to take one business and feed it into another business until it gets off the ground. For those who do not have that luxury take the plunge and reap the rewards. Nick Echeverry

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