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Cova-Cap® is the Original Bouffant Cap


Concord, Ontario May 5: Made of 100% non-woven polypropylene, the Ronco Cova-Cap® is a unique accordion style cap that is a pioneer in hair retention products.

The unique accordion style of cap makes it foldable at the snap of your wrist. A traditional bouffant cap cannot be reused once taken off but with Cova-cap you have the advantage of using the same cap over multiple breaks and shifts.

The Ronco Cova-Cap® is made of 100% new material and does not contain any recycled content. This makes the product pure, stronger and more durable. The Ronco Cova-Cap® is made of 14 gsm polypropylene with a double elastic headband for more comfortable fit and longer lasting wear ability. The caps also have a high crown height that makes it fit better on the head, especially for people with longer and thicker hair.

Cova-Cap® pleated bouffant caps come packaged in a dispenser that allows for easy and hygienic dispensing. This is especially important in food and healthcare industry where contamination is of issue.

Mr. Ron Pecchioli, President, Ronco said, “Almost 20 years ago, we introduced the first pleated bouffant cap in the Canadian market. It is one of the first innovations that we brought to the market and it has been a great journey bringing this value to our customer and end-user partners.”

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