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Phil and Bill - Comparing the greatest NBA and NFL coaches of my life to date.

On The 4 Hour Struggle

Phil Jackson: 6'8", athletic, and charismatic. A former player that had the respect of everyone. 11 rings as a head coach and 2 as a player. A practitioner of Zen Buddhism.

Bill Belichick -- Too small to play football, son of a coach and scout. Uncharismatic, but has been studying film since he was 9 years old. He gained respect by his knowledge of the game. 4 rings as a head coach and 2 as a defensive coordinator.

Jackson was a master of dealing with egos. In the NBA, guys like Kobe, Jordan, Shaq, don't come around very often. So as a head coach, it is much more difficult to have only "your type of guys" if you want to win an NBA championship when compared to the NFL.

When Chicago was going on their 2nd run, they recognized a need for interior defense. After clearing it with Scottie and Michael, they traded for Dennis Rodman and Phil assimilated the enigmatic player into a key piece in the 1996-98 3peat.

The 2015-16 Celtics are the Perfect Rebuild Blueprint

On Boston Sports Daily

These Celtics aren’t Bird’s Celtics. They’re not Pierce’s Celtics. In fact, they’re not anyone in particular’s Celtics, and that’s why they’re fun to watch. Under a young coach, a core group of rag-tag castoffs and upcoming players have led themselves to third place in the Eastern Conference.

Now, this team is in no position to last 6 games in a series against a team like the Warriors, Spurs, Thunder, or even maybe the Clippers, but they don’t have to. They don’t play in the Western Conference playoffs. This team could legitimately make a run towards the Eastern Conference Finals, where they’d go up against a LeBron James led Cleveland Cavaliers. From there, whatever happens is a bonus, because the Celtics would have proven they’re here to see. Conceivably, the team could only get better from that point.

Of players that have succeeded in Boston that are not immediately expendable, very few have chosen to leave. Since almost every player on the team is a role player, the only reason for them to leave would be that the Celtics have acquired someone better to fill their role. The beauty in what GM Danny Ainge and what Brad Stevens have built is that they’ve created an asset-filled top tier playoff team, while having almost every player on the team be expendable.

The best part is, the team’s best assets aren’t on that court every other night. They’re draft picks and cap space in the team’s back pocket ready to be dealt and filled at any time during the offseason. Can the Celtics use the draft picks? Sure, but only if they choose to and if there are talented enough players available. The next step for this team after going on a mini-run in the playoffs is to add star talent in the offseason, and they have all the keys to do so. It won’t be “cheap” per se but it will be an option. If the team can reach the conference finals this season without a star, their ceiling is limitless with one.

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