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Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are

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In life, people have used body language to read people’s mind, feelings or emotions. People have been fascinated with body language more specifically about others body language. Amy Cuddy talks about how body language is able to shape who we are by changing our character differently.

Cuddy is a social psychologist and is interested in power dynamics and became especially interested in nonverbal expressions of power and dominance.What about nonverbal of peer and dominance? Well, it is about how people or animals show their power and dominance through actions without using the mouth. In order to accomplish that, one make he or herself big by stretching out, taking up space basically opening up.

She quoted two examples about how human characteristics can affect the way people react. One of them is height. A person who is taller than some else will tend to look bigger more bossy in front of the person who is shorter, who will tend cover himself up making himself smaller. The other example is the common reaction of athletics or anyone who has won a physical competition would naturally raise their hands in a V shape with their chin slightly lifted up.

As we can see from the above the importance of body language in life. We should be more aware that body language is important as it can help us in many ways in life such as when going for a job interview, the hiring manager will look at the job applicant’s body language to see whether he has the character of what it takes to have the job. Remember, the secret is body language.

Lifting in Chucks

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Lloyd asks: do friends let friends lift in Chucks?

A good pair of weightlifting shoes is the most essential purchase for any serious lifter. This is not the area to skimp. Go for the top end and buy the best quality. Same goes for barbells, for that matter. I own three pairs of shoes and expect they will last me for the next 30 years. Think of your weightlifting shoes as lifetime investments.

I lifted in Chuck Taylors (Converse All Stars) for some weeks when I first started lifting. It's not great but safer than anything with a squashy heel. Friends do not let friends lift in running shoes or with small plates or bits of wood propping up their heels. Much as I love Dave Draper and Arnold those old photos gave a lot of people the wrong idea.

I know some powerlifters who use low and high ankle Chucks. It seemed to suit their squatting style and they were well strong. Never mind those brutes though; if you want to be a weightlifter you need weightlifting shoes. I like the ones that have a wooden heel and can be resoled. Some of the cheaper models out today will begin to compress under big weight, so be aware of that.

My favourite shoe makes: Adidas Adistar 00, 04, 08, Adidas Ironwork II, III, Asics TOW727, Risto. Round these parts getting hold of any of these will be an expensive mission, so find a reputable cobbler and have them build something similar.

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