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10. Sunny Side Down

She carefully carved the yolk out of her fried egg. Using a plastic fork, she picked it up and threw it out of the window. That was all for the day. There were seven inches between the driver's side of her car and the wall. She slid in easily, her bony right hand shaking a little on the wheel. Driving past a hoarding (It's raining burgers! Buy 2 Get 2 free!!), Ana closed her eyes and pulled up at a restaurant. "I need to use your restroom." Locking the door behind her, Ana stuck a finger down her throat: egg whites.


On The Anxious Mouse

Finally managed to make some cabochons that passed inspection. Apparently the only way to do it right is if I'm grinding down my fingernails in the process.

I am undecided as to what project I will work on tomorrow, but I'm leaning toward making a sled for the table saw that will allow me to cut puzzle pieces. I think I will need to make 2 different sleds, or figure out how to make a sled that will allow both Dado and regular blade cuts.

Not much to say tonight I guess. Odd since there is so much rattling around in my trap tonight.

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