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Hearty, warming, delicious Minestrone

This is my favourite minestrone recipe. You might think this has been handed down the generations from my nonna's nonna, to my nonna, to my mum to me ... but sadly we never met our Italian grandparents (dad's side of the family). My very un-Italian partner had this Australian Women's Weekly 'Italian Cooking Class' cookbook when we met 20-odd years ago, it's got some great recipes ... and this minestrone is one of them. Lots of chopping, cooking and stirring, but worth it in the end. You can make your own fabulous stock for this recipe if you want to - but I've only ever used stock cubes or liquid stock from a tetra pack, and it always works well. Use vegetable stock if you want to keep it 'vegetarian'. And although the recipe doesn't specify, I always use olive oil (the 'light' stuff). Yummmmm ...

How to use Evernote: Capturing printed recipes

On Mike Dariano

I really enjoy using Evernote as my digital cookbook. I have a cookbook, in fact I have many cookbooks and they're all collecting dust - except this and this, the only two anyone would really need - since I began clipping recipes to Evernote. I've seen a lot of people sing the praises of scanning paper but I've found it's always been easier to just snap a picture.Last week I was visiting some family and a copy of Woman's Day was on the table. I flipped through and found this Spiced Chicken and Chickpea Stew Recipe. Well, I could have torn the page out, folded it enough to fit in my pocket, brought it home, lost it will all the other things in my pocket and eventually found it. Instead, I snapped this shot and have the recipe saved. Here's a few other tips for using Evernote this way.

If you want my note with this recipe, it's here.

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