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What's the Real Worst Case?

On Tynan

Over the past few days there was a "mistake fare" going on with some European airlines which enabled you to book amazing US -> Europe -> Asia multiple stop tickets for $130-400. Friends and I booked three different trips, because deals this good come along about once a year.

The deal was a little bit complex. Some city pairs didn't work, and it was difficult to guess which ones did. Going from LAX to Budapest was really cheap, but going LAX to Paris wasn't. To try to figure out the itineraries, we spent a bunch of time combing through the forum thread about the deal.

A small portion of the posters were super sharp and found all sorts of city pairs that I couldn't find. The bulk were neutral, just posting their itineraries or asking reasonable questions. But there was a contingent who were scared to pull the trigger on one of the best flight deals they'd ever find.

What if they cancel all of these flights? What if I change my mind? How will I get between the intermediate countries (most itineraries had a small intra-europe segment you had to cover yourself)? Will this fit into my schedule then?

Engage and Win

On Family Minister Wannabe

In the 1997 NBA Finals the Bulls were playing a tough fought game 6 against the Utah Jazz. Wtih 25 seconds to go, the score was tied at 86 and the Bulls had the ball for what everyone thought would be the final shot of the game. Everyone in the world thought that final shot would come from a guy named Michael Jordan (maybe you’ve heard of him). The shot went up and fell in for a 88-86 lead that ended in a 90-86 win and the 5th NBA Championship in 7 years for the Chicago Bulls. But, Michael didn’t take the game winning shot the point guard, Steve Kerr, took it and buried it. Steve Kerr was the hero of one of the best NBA Finals games in history.

This is a great lesson for us as parents! You see, everyone, including the coach, Jordan, and Steve Kerr expected Jordan to take the final shot. Kerr, after passing the ball off to Pippen, could have and maybe should have disengaged. He could have just stood away from Jordan to give him space and time to take the shot. BUT HE DIDN’T! He was fully engaged in the play! He got to a spot where Jordan could pass him the ball if he needed to pass and when Jordan did pass, Kerr took the shot he was presented and nailed it for a win.

We have to be this way as parents in all things with our kids, but especially when it comes to their spiritual lives! We must be ENGAGED! It’s easy to look to the church or the Youth Minister (see what I did there, made myself Michael Jordan in this illustration) and watch or disengage and let others do the work, but that’s not how God designed it! God gave your children to you for you to disciple and that has always been the plan!

Deuteronomy 6:6-7, “6 These commandments that I give you today are to be on your hearts. 7 Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.”

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