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Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine & University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center December 2012



Unknown Location 1 "The Experiment"

On Wellington Street

On July 27th, 1973, an experiment was begun at an unspecified location on Wellington Street. It involved the treatment of a group of patients with severe depression and pronounced antisocial behavior. The experiment involved the use of unique social based therapy, along with an experimental medicine that had seen positive results in test animals. The results of the test where so appalling that the medicine itself and its origins have been removed from all records, the experiment itself only known in a select few volumes of now very outdated medical journal.

Although police reports were filed after the results of the tests were made apparent, much if not all of these files have been lost, save for a single incident report involving one of the few named tests subjects. This report was made shortly before the experiment began, but shows indications of the trouble that would be to come. The evaluation suggests a history of violence, along with the requisite indications of being a sociopath. This report suggested that the patient was transferred into the care of the doctor who oversaw the test. Though the information is sketchy, the main reason for this was that the subject's family seemed to believe that the man, age twenty, seemed to show a desire to cause harm to the family's pets.

Considering the results of the experiment, his participation may well have been a mistake, something that may well had been avoided had the experiment been performed on the same safety procedures one finds today.

The experiment involved the person already spoken of, along with three other people. For the first couple of days, the patients were separated, and simply administered doses of the medicine in order to start building it up in their system. After the days had passed, the people were introduced to one another using false names in order to protect anonymity during the testing. The names of the other three were never mentioned, leaving the young man as the only named subject. His name was David.

Being familiar with the test subjects histories, the psychiatrist brought them together with the purpose of having them share their pasts with one another, in order to show the common themes and events that brought upon their depression and isolationist behaviors. At first, the doctor reported real success, and under his instruction there seemed to a real improvement in their emotional states. Most of all there was an improvement in the behavior of the subject known as David, who early on began to show very real interest in the other patients.

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