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I find out earlier today, an acquaintance had died in his sleep, this morning, here in the facility. Bill was a very nice guy, though I didn't know him very well, but he always asked what I was doing at the computer. He did have an e-mail account and always said he sends one off to his son. Exactly 2 weeks ago, another acquaintance died from lupus. She was 3 years younger than myself! I have to realize that death is more "prone" to occur in this environment than say, the general population. It's nonetheless sad--to say "hello" to someone one day, & then, to find that very same person died during the night certainly jolts one's equilibrium [thank heavens for spell-check!]. I'm hoping & praying no one passes away. . .at least for a while.

Dream Interpretation

On The Universe

I had this dream last night. I always believe that a dream tells you something about yourself. Something you haven't even taken the time to see or simply just haven't noticed. I had this dream that I was in an elevator. I held the door open before actually entering for two men. One was a familiar neighbor, and the other was a man who was delivering packages or food or something someone was too lazy to go out and get themselves. So anyways, my floor comes up and my neighbor leaves and holds the door open for me but I wave him off. I decided to stay in the elevator and I wasn't even sure why but I had a desire to stay inside with the other man. The rest of the elevator ride felt very long; almost like a car ride. About three floors up, the man came to my side and began to kiss my neck. I let him at first, feeling the sensations of his tongue glide across my skin. But when I realized what was happening in reality, I pushed him off of me. He came back a second time but I didn't let him this time. I screamed "What the fuck," as he stood there watching me.

He began to repeat, "Please. I need to feel. I need to feel something." As I kept saying no and pushing him away, he finally stopped coming back. "I thought this is what you wanted," he said. I was quiet. "It was your stop to get off, and you didn't. You stayed here with me."

I had awoken after that. I wondered to myself why I stayed. I wasn't exactly sure why I stayed, but I knew that I had to; that I wanted to.

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