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Brave Hearts

One of my favorite quotes is from Eleanor Roosevelt:

I don't get there every day, but I do try to keep it in mind and approach life in that spirit. I also take it as the highest of compliments when I am described as brave. (Though I'm not so sure that's very accurate. I think in my case it might be more a matter of fools rushing in. Hee!)

But I try, and I surely admire bravery when I see it. And lately, I have been so privileged to see it at a level I've maybe never seen before.

The Jugglers

On Words & threads

Last week I went to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art with a friend with the intention of seeing the work of very specific artists. One of them, David Hockney, was the suggestion of my friend who had described him as a photographer with a very specific style of collaging different perspectives of the same scene. Well, that held true, but David Hockney is much more than that.

We came to learn that Hockney paints and creates videos in addition to those groups of photos. The whole concept of looking at a scene from many perspectives expanded from my initial expectation of what I would see. Instead of observing prints of photos hanging on gallery walls, we walked into the one-room exhibition, sat down on big comfy chairs, and watch probably 20 minutes of a video- of people juggling.

I did not jump to any disappointment, but I watched openly. We sat down right as the next loop of the film began, and subsequently my friend and I were the only two people for the entire duration; many people peeked in, got bored, got confused, thought it was over, left prematurely. It began with very plainly dressed people filing one by one into a counter clockwise motion around the scene, each with different objects and a different form of juggling. What I found in the film’s entirety was that the parts were disjointed, and the first part gave no indication of what I would find in the second.

[This is a small and probably very illegal clip of the work I found, just to give you an idea of what this actually looked like.]

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