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Schrödinger's Tumor Laid To Rest

Well, I've had a week now to absorb the frabjous news that there is no tumor. Living for 2-1/2 months from incident to MRI results with the knowledge up front and center that there could be one was a challenge indeed. I managed, I think, to keep it relatively low-drama for myself and tucked away, but every now and then I would be swamped with the whole of it. I just tried to keep surfing.

Oh, the relief! I truly didn't realize how much tension I had been carrying around until it was gone. It felt like my shoulders dropped about two inches in the first 24 hours. And sleep? Oh, my. I was simply wrung out, as though I'd run a marathon. So lucky to have had the Thanksgiving weekend, and to have taken almost all of it completely off. Did me a world of good. Yay for sleep! It may be for wusses, but boy is it ever wonderful. But I digress.

So now it's to the reality of what is at hand and knowing there's not more to it than this. I have an appointment with the doctor next week to talk about my options. He told me the names of the main hearing assist options back in the process, and I did look them up on the Intertubz. One is a kind of hearing aid specifically designed for this kind of hearing loss, that is sort of like wearing a cell phone tower on your ear, and the other a surgical option that is sort of like putting a cell phone tower in your head.


On The Words of Focus Project

Well today has been interesting. I've learned a bit about how to listen to my body.

I started with some good focus, after my morning ritual (which, yeah, I did xD). Got to Hubud using my shortcut. Dove into work.

Oddly, the Hubud dinner was more of a distraction than a benefit. If I could go back, I would have skipped it.

After about 3 hours of pretty good creative flow, I was feeling out of energy.

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