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I Got the Aging Parent Blues

This chair sits beside the driveway halfway between my mom's casita and our house. When she first moved back from Hawaii, we rapidly discovered that she had lost far more mobility in the couple of years since I'd last seen her, and this became a way to help her not be worried about walking over to our house. Most of those walks centered around laundry. For a variety of reasons, mostly space, we had determined it was not necessary to put a stacking washer/dryer unit in her casita.

(It is important only for the sake of "I Told You So" rights to note that I was a strong proponent of making the space. I was outvoted. Annnnnnnd... I was correct. The real takeaway here? Always listen to Ramona on design issues. Hee!)

So come laundry time, Mom would put her laundry in a little garden wagon, and trundle over to do it at the big house. This was the mitigation plan, and it worked fine.

Right where we left off

On Toddler Breastfeeding

It's amazing how nursing is something the young ones never forget. I'm not sure what the age is when nursing, or the ability to suck, starts to naturally wane. I once saw a piece of a documentary where a mom said her six year old daughter was becoming frustrated while nursing because her suck reflex had weakened. The daughter accused the mom of withholding her milk. What was happening was she couldn't extract the milk effectively anymore. Her nursing suck reflex was naturally weakening. Pretty interesting stuff.

We are nowhere near the six year old mark, but I still worried that weaning would be a permanent thing. No so. Desmond has picked up his nursing habits right where we left off. It took about 3 or 4 nursing sessions for him to get right back into the "nursing solves all problems" mode. If he gets hurt, ask for milk. If he's tired, ask for milk. If he's upset, ask for milk. Hungry? Let's have som milk!

The demands for nursing are a bit frustrating, especially since I'm not able to nurse every time he asks. Right now I can handle maybe two nursing sessions a day, provided they are far apart. One early session and one late session. Thankfully he hasn't demanded milk during the night. He is still satisfied with hugs and knowing I'm nearby. Even so, I'm happy that he has picked up nursing again. I was feeling guilty for weaning him so soon. But my fears of Desmond refusing or forgetting how to nurse are gone now. It's as if we never stopped.

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