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I Feel the Earth Move Under My Feet...

...I feel the sky tumbling down. Well, sort of. I kind of tend to tumble down. Or rather, if I were not trailing a hand along any wall, furniture, or supporting surface at hand, I would be. While the hearing loss is distressing and annoying, I'd have to say the vertigo/dizziness is much worse.

So today was my first full day of Prednisone. I opted to stay home and see what would happen, rather than trying to be out and about. This means tomorrow is errand day, and as I sit at my computer at 2:36 a.m. typing this, I'm wondering if that was a miscalculation. We shall see.

One of the many side effects of this drug is that it plays merry hell with your blood sugar. In some cases it can even bring on diabetes. Since my family is riddled with that disease on both sides, this is something I want to avoid. I've been flirting with the idea of doing a complete sugar purge, and trying to reset my sugar cravings, which have been ginormous ever since getting a wee bit peri-menopausal. Plus, the damned stuff is like crack for some of us, and I'm one of the some of us.

The Camping Trip

On Words & threads

Last Thursday, I left to drive three hours to Malibu, where I would camp for two nights near the beach in a state park, with a group of people, about half of whom I would more or less call friends. Clearly a bunch of kids going camping should be pretty social, but that wasn't really what I ended up taking from it.

The camping trip was my camping trip. I had wanted to go camping, talked about much bigger plans incessantly with my close friends, and finally just booked a site not knowing who would end up coming.

It went relatively well, and actually way less catastrophic than I expected. I know, I sound like a child, acting like camping for two days is some crazy feat of human nature. It was really easy. People generally got along, we had plenty of food, I was comfortable in my tent, I was able to go to the beach alone and also go on a hike with the whole group. It was wonderful.

So from this experience, I would like to only draw out positives, as I think I should start doing with everything. Dwelling on the negative is toxic, but that doesn't mean I want to ignore the threads of dissatisfaction I had with the group of people. Instead, I'd like to focus on the fact that every negative has its inverse, its positive antithesis, and therefore it becomes a matter of perspective.

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