muon Academy en-us Fri, 29 May 2020 21:09:00 +0000 Sett RSS Generator Skull Toolbox - Hyper Physics As with any toolbox, you want to see a good range of tools. In the Skull toolbox, we also see a good range, and a nice place too see this is on the Hyper Physics webpage. Hyper Physics is a physics info. page, hosted be Georgia State University perhaps as an effort to make sure their students are at a similar level to our Skull Scholars.

The best part about Hyper Physics is it's layout. As you can see, it's set up in a spider-diagram arrangement, which is interactive and will take you to more spider-diagrams when you click on it. Visually the page is quite, quite dated, and looks like it was made in an old peoples home. It certainly has function over design, especially as it does function well.

If you are studying A-level or high school, then Hyper Physics is a good place to complement your studying. Alternatively, and this is a good one, if you've just left compulsory education, Hyper Physics is a really good place to allow to continue learning physics so you can move past Skull into the Bones. However, such a functional resource will seem rather dry, so remember to check out the other parts of Skull too, particularly those relevant to what you may be reading on Hyper Physics.

Despite it's dull appearance, Hyper Physics is a good tool, honest!

Hyper Physics Website:

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