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Introducing Maptimizer.com

On DROdio

In addition to DROdio Real Estate, we also run a commercial brand, Cardéa Commercial. We are hard at work on a new tool for our commercial lease & sales clients called Maptimizer. In fact, we think it's so good that we're in the process of filing a patent on it (you can click on the image below to enlarge).

Here's how it works: Let's say you run a law firm that has 50 attorneys, 20 support staff, and an executive office of 5 people. Your lease is coming due and you want to find a new office, but you're not exactly sure where to move. Enter Maptimizer.com. Our tool will let you enter the home addresses of all your employees, and then prioritize their importance to the company on a scale of 1 to 5. (i.e., the receptionist gets a score of "1" and the CEO gets a score of "5"... or should it be the other way around?!) After entering all the employees' home addresses, you can then choose from several office locations (actually an unlimited number of office locations). The tool uses some pretty complex math to calculate the best office location based on all the weighted employee locations. We can also tell you what restaurants & shops are near each of your office choices, and what the traffic is like. Pretty nifty, eh? If you'd like to learn more about it, please let me know. This tool would also be great as a way to figure out where to hold conventions, build churches, or have any other large gatherings of people, where many people have to commute via driving.

We are also looking for branding clients.  Is this a tool your firm would like to brand and use as a competitive advantage?  How much would your company be willing to pay as a monthly licensing fee?  We have not worked a pricing model out for this yet but it would probably be a licensing fee + setup charge.  We've talked to some of our clients and feel that Maptimizer will be a good way to get in the door with prospective clients (i.e., "let me run an analysis for you using Maptimizer and I'll sit down with you to go over the results.")   

How can male=female ever?

On Observations of a Broken Follower

While watching the commercials during the 'big game' a number of observations were made by a few of us setting together in the same room. We noted the humor that most adds took to try to use a joke to jog your memory later. A couple used a more serious spin to try to tap into the psychological avenues. While other toyed with sorrow and anger. They all were using emotion, over fact and logic to try and sell you their item. Well some used logic, but only as a secondary measure. Lets face it, we tend to feel about something before we care enough to do anything about that something, right?

Then there were the two adds that seemed to be telling us how to feel about a certain issue, but they were both making points opposite of each other. Yet we were supposed to embrace and support both sides. How can this be? Maybe you didn't catch it. Or maybe you just don't see it the same way. What am I talking about you ask? Let me explain the commercials and their basic sought after emotions.

In the first commercial we see children being asked to do things 'like a girl'. They ask little boys, who instead of acting like they were running a 'normal' way, throwing a ball a normal way and 'fighting' a 'normal' way the boys were seeming to act out what appeared to be a 'silly' way. Then they asked little girls the same thing and they responded and acted as if they had been asked only 'how do you _____'. That is to say, that as girls, they only do things the best they can. Not in a silly way or a different way than a boy doing the same things the best that they can. Obviously the point is made that boys and girls are the same, and to say that a girl does things differently. The point being made in the add is that girls are not able to do things the same way boys are, or so we have believed for countless generations because of our sexist upbringings. They want you to see how degrading it is to say someone does something like a girl. How degrading it is to imply that boys are somehow created different and therefore better or (dare I say it) superior at some things. We are led to believe that this is false. That to say a female should ever submit to a man in any way shape or form is outrageous.

Then there was the second commercial. It was for a new movie coming out soon that was based on a recently popular book. They share the same title: '50 shades of grey', perhaps you have heard of it. The week following the 'big game' the morning show my wife watches had a special segment on it everyday that week, so I presume you have heard something about it by now. While I personally have not read it I have talked with a few people who have. I ask them generally what its about. Their general response is the same, though the number of words and choice of words are often different depending on where they stand on many social issues (those who call themselves a Christian and those who do not usually). The book is about a rich, older, experienced man and a younger, 'innocent' woman. They are attracted to each other and start a relationship. Only this relationship is marked with this man dominating the woman and the woman submitting to him. Oh and there are lots of sexual escapades.

I already know that many of you will take offense to this description. To the words that I chose to use to describe what I have been told the book is about. I also know you're upset I left out the 'love' fluff that is in the book as well. I did that on purpose. The purpose is to point out why this book is different from so many other 'love' books. Because what sets it apart is why it is so popular and controversial. I could go on, but I will not.

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