Journey to the desert

Our family's move to the Mojave desert


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The Main Focus or "Why I am writing on this blog"

Hello again,

This blog was created to mainly focus on running and health, but more specifically I wanted to document my own training for future marathons in 2014. Those currently are the Brookings Marathon, Black Hills 100 Ultra-Marathon (50 mile race) and the Sioux Falls Marathon.

I am hoping that through documenting my training and overall health, that I can see my progression, improve and allow others to use it as a reference for their own similar endeavors.

Over the past approximately 2 years of beginning to run and being significantly more health conscious, I've found that my health has improved a little and my running has improved significantly with just a bit of effort (in my opinion).

Right now, my greatest effort seems to be in eating right and avoiding refined carbohydrates. Which leads to my 1st confession, as blogs can be confessionals, this is no different...I am addicted to caffeine in the form of energy drinks. I truly want this to be the last time I say this and tomorrow I do not decide to buy another energy drink or soda ever again, but to be honest, I'm not sure what I'll do. It's crazy the habitual behavior I've exhibited in my life and I am ready to use that type of behavior in a positive healthy way.


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