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Better Than Your Savings Account

Ask yourself: “Why is my bank better than the other banks?” If you don’t really know, you are missing out on free money, plain and simple. So what should you look for in a better savings account?

A good savings account will have (ranked loosely in order of importance):

No Fees- particularly monthly maintenance, incoming wire, other ATM fees etc.

Turning Crumpled Paper Into Capital


I think many people fail to realize that small amounts of money -- those crumpled little notes of ten pounds sterling, the blue NTD bill, or the Andy Jack bills in America -- these things, worked correctly, turn into capital.

Yes, really, truly.

The process is simple: you open an account that's separate from your main bank account. (I like Capital One 360 checking, which gives a $50 bonus for joining, or Schwab Investor Checking which reimburses ATM fees).

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