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Investing in Stock Funds for Novices

The minimum purchase for the funds we’ll be looking at is $3,000 each. I recommend having $20,000 before investing like this, otherwise my beginner investing article might be more appropriate.

Novice Stock Investing

To invest at a slightly more advanced level means we’ll have many more options, which really means more crap we have to filter out. With a larger bankroll, we’ll also get lower expense ratios. Simplicity is still a virtue, but with more confidence and understanding, we can put a higher emphasis on value and precision.

Vanguard is the brokerage that specializes in long-term investing, as reflected by their philosophy, advice, and superior fund selection.* Vanguard's expense ratios are rock bottom and they won't hesitate to tell you that every chance they get. Their customer service is excellent too. Most Vanguard funds have a $3,000 minimum, and can be converted to Admiral shares at $10,000, which are the same funds at a significantly lower expense ratio.

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Why Some People Almost Always Have Successful Blog Posts

On Zach Browne

There are several things to consider when writing a new blog post that are surprisingly left out more so than not. If you follow these core fundamentals with every post, you'll increase the likelihood of success ten fold.

When blogging, the most important thing to do is write for people and not just the search engines alone. Google's algorithm has become far more sophisticated and keyword-stuffed content is not what they're after any more. The more socially powerful your content is, the better it will rank. In other words when people share your content and then your content is shared again, it becomes more and more relevant to Google and starts to rank better and better. However, there's another key to making a blog even more attractive to search engines, keep writing and publishing new content!

There will be times when updating the corporate blog is so low on your list of priorities that you just discard it but that's dangerous. Search engines want on-going, fresh content it keeps them coming back to your pages more often and gives greater visibility to any changes you make on your site. If you don't have time, ask another member of staff to contribute, or even occasionally use a professional blogger to create an article for you. If you allow your blog to slack off, the search engines and your readers will lose interest.

Always keep important keywords in mind throughout the content creation process and use them naturally. Use tools like Google's Keyword Tool and Wordtracker's Firefox Plugin to find keywords that are used frequently and include other keywords that are relevant to your main ones. If someone else is managing your SEO efforts, talk to them and find out what the longtail keywords being targeted are, usually the more specific and lengthy search terms. For example ‘eye makeup for women' instead of just ‘eye makeup'. Since you'll be writing about the industry anyway, these should flow seamlessly into your content.

Your headline, or post title, is just about the most important aspect of your article next to the HTML title. It's the hook that will entice the reader to click on the story, so be very careful of how you choose it. It should contain your main keyword in a very natural manner if possible. If you can't use your main keyword than try to use relevant keywords. Also make sure to always use h1, h2 or h3 headings with in your post. Inside your content, break up the post into sections and use subheadings, again in h2 or h3. It will be easier to use your keywords in these subheadings and it also breaks down the copy for your reader and makes it easier to digest.

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