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Investing in Stock Funds for Novices

The minimum purchase for the funds we’ll be looking at is $3,000 each. I recommend having $20,000 before investing like this, otherwise my beginner investing article might be more appropriate.

Novice Stock Investing

To invest at a slightly more advanced level means we’ll have many more options, which really means more crap we have to filter out. With a larger bankroll, we’ll also get lower expense ratios. Simplicity is still a virtue, but with more confidence and understanding, we can put a higher emphasis on value and precision.

Vanguard is the brokerage that specializes in long-term investing, as reflected by their philosophy, advice, and superior fund selection.* Vanguard's expense ratios are rock bottom and they won't hesitate to tell you that every chance they get. Their customer service is excellent too. Most Vanguard funds have a $3,000 minimum, and can be converted to Admiral shares at $10,000, which are the same funds at a significantly lower expense ratio.

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How to Build an Audience, With Lee Schneider


Today, we bring you a veteran creative producer -- learning from his father who was a television executive back when the few networks reigned supreme, Lee Schneider has intense insights from his career in journalism, writing, documentary production, and entrepreneurship. You can find him at his Digital Fundraising School, and he's doing a GiveGetWin deal focused on key insights for creative producers on making high-quality content, building an audience, and earning a living from your art and passion.

How To Build An Audience, insights from Lee Schneider as told to Sebastian Marshall

I started in words even though I was writing for picture. I was a newspaper reporter and writer for TV shows… on TV, I wrote the introductions, intros, and outros.

I wrote for a newspaper in Texas and for A&E. This started teaching me the relationship between words and pictures. I went to writing for local television and Good Morning America. I learned how to write fast and how to write in a big noisy room, and how to write for picture. This is a key thing, the relationship between pictures and words. They get stronger as they relate, words and pictures, and sounds.

That led me to working for news magazines like Dateline NBC and a magazine for Fox, Frontpage. I was producing stories in the 8-10 minute range, and telling a story in that range of time is a very different animal than telling a story in 20 seconds like you would for a news broadcast. That led to longer form stuff; after Dateline NBC, I did Biography for A&E and started my own company doing hour-long documentaries for the Learning Channel, History Channel, and others.

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