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The Best Credit Cards of 2013

Key Points:

A credit card is secondary to your checking account. I suggest getting your primary finances in order first.

There are advanced tricks to getting the most out of your credit cards, but before you can do that, you should make sure the one you have is right for you.

First, check your credit score on Credit Karma.

How To Earn Hundreds of Thousands of Frequent Flyer Miles Every Year

On Tynan

As I write, I'm flying over Wyoming on my way to Kansas City, Missouri. I'll be there for approximately fourteen hours, just long enough to watch the Invicta FC 8 Women's MMA fight and then get some sleep. Such opulence! To fly across the country just to go to a sporting event.

The truth, though, is that this flight isn't costing me anything. In fact, other than crazy deals I've come across, I haven't paid for a flight in quite a while. In a year exactly, I've racked up 750,000 frequent flyer miles. That's enough for 30 domestic round trips or 8-20 international trips.

There's a hustle going on that isn't exactly underground, but isn't quite mainstream either, that allows you to build up huge stores of frequent flyer miles very quickly.

In order to entice you to sign up for their credit cards, credit card companies offer huge sign-up bonuses of frequent flier miles. Some of these miles are airline specific, some can be converted to a few different airlines, and others are used as cash to offset travel expenses.

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