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Things I Learned (January 3/4)

Use ramen noodles but instead of using the seasoning packet, add half a can of white beans, 1tsp curry, 1/2tsp of paprika.

It's taken about a month, but I'm used to my standing desk. At times I feel like enclosed because it's next to a wall and the top of the bookshelf creates a bit of an artificial ceiling, but my body feels great while using it. If I sit too much my already tight hamstrings get tighter and I start to walk like someone twice my age.

To make it, I took one bookshelf and put on a computer.

The Kindle reading app for my iPhone is great. I've written about how much I enjoy reading on my Kindle, and the iOS app makes it so smooth to dip in and out of books. Stephen King once wrote that to write well you must read a lot and that means reading in lines at the bank, parked in your car waiting for school to get out, and anywhere else you can sneak a few minutes. I'm reading The Circle in this exact way. I thought I wouldn't like reading things this way, but I do.

Money makes parents better parents.

Why The New Kindle is a Must-Have for Travelers

On Tynan

There are three items I own which I'll always upgrade when a significant upgrade exists: my computer, my camera, and my Kindle. Yesterday I got my new Kindle, the fourth generation one that was just released. Before I talk about this specific Kindle, I want to address some general points about the Kindle.


Some people balk at the $189 price tag of the newest 3G Kindle (which is the only one to buy, by the way). It's expensive, but only if you consider it a drop in replacement for books. I consider it $200 to ensure that I read at least 10X more than I used to.

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