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My 12 favorite Non-fiction books of 2013

After a shorter than expected list of fiction I had read this year, my non-fiction list was a touch longer than I thought. I ended up reading 24 non-books in 2013, and some were very good. I was going to make this list all inclusive, but decided against it. I'll offer a few comments about my favorite 12 and include a few at the end with a single thought.

There were two types of books I read this year. The first were books about the human journey. From Wall Street riches to cold Michigan winters, from happiness in NYC, to minimalism that springs up in Ohio, to homeschooling in California. The topics of these books was varied, but the structure of a journey was not.

The second, and smaller set of books, was more academic. These books were synthesis of academic articles, expert interviews, and breaking research to create a worldview worth considering. While I enjoyed the journey stories more, these books were ones that I could read again and gather even more good information.

As with my fiction list, I started many more books than just these, but these were the ones I finished and enjoyed quite a bit.

Books about a human journey.

One Thousand Words a Day

On Tynan

'm actually a few days in to my thousand word a day experiment, and it has now occurred to me that the first day's writing probably should have been about what I'm doing and why I'm doing it. Better late than never.

I listened to good interview with Chris Guillebeau, and he said that he sets his daily writing minimum at a thousand words. Stephen King prescribes the same amount to start, and then recommends graduating to two thousand words eventually. Up until now I haven't had a daily writing minimum-I just write whenever inspiration strikes me, or if it hasn't stricken, Sunday or Wednesday nights.

I consider myself to be serious about blogging, but my writing output doesn't really support that consideration. How serious can I be about something that I don't even do every day?

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