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A low culture masterpiece

I just finished Chuck Klosterman’s Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs; a book that could be subtitled A low culture philosophy primer.  It’s always surprising to read Klosterman because his subject manner seems distant from his expression.  He writes in such an elegant way about Guns n Roses tribute bands and Star Wars movies.  I’ve read each of his essay books so far published, though not in published order, and enjoyed them all.  Unfortunately I think I’m one of the last.  Klosterman writes for people in a very limited age range limited by experiences of popular culture.  While many people experience this culture – it is the popular choice – there are bands, movies, moments, experiences and music he comments on that aren’t fully understood. This is part of the experience.  Any decent op-ed in any paper will tie a pair of points in some sort of literary equivalent of a square know, a good one will resemble a consecutive line of sailing knots but Klosterman makes an entire web.  As all of the lines and intersections contribute to a ‘good’ spider web each of the references in the book makes it’s web more complete.  It’s easier to write for simple knots for simpler readers and not worry about their missing points.  This and other Klosterman books don’t do that.  They aim for an entire web, one you may get tangled in.

Ugggghhhhhh. #boyproblems.

On Saxophone& Composing

I thought he was gone, and I realize that he's not. After we broke up, it was pretty peaceful. I was less stressed and I had a few more dollars in my pocket. Then in October, he sent me a message on Facebook basically asking me back. I read it but didn't respond. I was through. Then two days ago, he sends me another one.This one was longer than the last and was making all these grand statements and asking me back and it made me feel things.

I hate boys. I just hate that he said all these grand statements too late. He took me for something I didn't sign up for before and I didn't like it so I ended it. Now he's wanting what I wanted in the first place but how do I know that he actually changed?

I'm debating whether or not to say something. This is kind of scary and nerve-wracking and this is not okay.

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