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My Disney Experience

If you woke up this morning hoping to read 3,600 words about a Disney vacation AND see pictures, then you are in luck. Instead of filling an entire week with posts about Disney, all the thoughts, comments, and ideas will be here.

A circle of our friends is in a Disney phase and my wife and I take bets on how quickly someone will bring it up when families get together. Last time it took twenty minutes, I guessed five.

This post has three sections.

Let's begin.

Don't Kill The Cow Too Quick

On Don't Kill The Cow Too Quick

I am emerging from hibernation to bring new life to my blog. At age 80 I should fade into the background and accept that my generation represents an era that predated the computer age and all that comes with IT. An era that is far distant from today’s social habits and communication practices.

At this point in my life, the sensible thing is quietly fade into the shadows and leave the arena of communication to the millions seeking to be heard by their own ever expanding social network. I had switched into the hibernation mode and would have remained there had not CB, a friend the age of my sons, told me about Emma who lives on the other side of the planet from me and who helps folks manage their websites and their social net works.

CB had give a copy of my first book “Don’t Kill The Cow Too Quick” (DKTCTQ) to a couple staying at his luxury home over the waters of a beautiful lagoon the Caribbean side of Panama. In her thank-you letter to CB, the wife of the couple gave the book high credit for its descriptions and humor in the telling of the adventures that befell me during my first six years adapting to life. She wrote that both she and her husband had laughed aloud at the many disasters that befelled me.

There are several reviews of DKTCTQ on Amazon Books USA. Here is one from the late Susan Garcia.

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