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May Goals Follow-up

A week ago I posted 5 goals I had for the first week in May. How did I do?

Practice being a better listener in my marraige.

This was the goal that I was most happy I made but least happy with my initial performance. I am lucky to be married because my listening skills at the beginning of the week were awful. Like some surly teenager I yelled across the house, kept my head down, didn't make eye-contact, didn't ask follow-up questions, and may as well have been licking my butt-hole like the dog I was. It was clear that I needed to work on this goal, I did and I'm much better. Like an overweight person loosing their first few pounds or someone learning to say hola and adios in Spanish I made some strides very quickly.

The best way to do this was to physically put down whatever I had in my hands. Kindles go down on the armrest and knife on the cutting board. I took a moment to look and listen at my wife while she was talking and that made a big difference. I also found out a few things I never knew about her which should be a more regular occurance. She - somehow - lived 23 years without me and almost 8 with me, there is a lot I can still learn about her.

This was the easiest goal of the group because I had so much improvement to make, the ease of just looking at her - she's a looker - and because I really enjoyed listening. This is my favorite person in the entire world, the one I chose to be with FOREVER. She deserved better and this past week she got it.

Hope Inspires Good

On On the Side of the Good

This week they returned! Out of nowhere, and much to my excitement they returned, hunting real estate. It’s the time of the year when I begin my courtship, assisted by freeze dried meal worms, enticing the bluebirds back for what I Hope will be a successful year of bluebird baby watching. Once they choose their favorite box, they will stay through the duration of summer. I Hope to make them believe my backyard box is the TajMahal of bluebird boxes. You see, the bluebirds are my first Hopeful sign of the spring to come.

I must admit winter is difficult for me. I do my best to find the Good in it. I struggle with being confined inside. The nights are so cold and dark and long. I’d much rather be on my deck enjoying the sunset, and listening to the birds.

Most of us have had times when Life seems like winter—cold and dark. We’ve encountered times when we feel so claustrophobic we can’t breathe. We get over-run by sadness or grief and we come to understand a new meaning of “alone.”

There are times when we get the feeling that we are living the “when it rains, it pours” adage, and no one can possibly understand how we feel. And that is true- no one really knows how we feel. Sometimes these feelings are consequences of our actions, and sometimes they are just circumstantial. Nevertheless, we feel that all of the evils and sadness of the world have come knocking at our door.

Do you recall the story of Pandora? You probably remember that her curiosity inevitably led her to open the box that she had been admonished not to open. In opening the box, Pandora found herself unleashing the horrors, evils, sadness, sickness, and pestilence on the world. We always remember this part of the story with clarity. But we forget the most important plot twist!! When Pandora went back to look, remorseful for her behavior, the last thing to emerge from the box was Hope. Hope fluttered in the form of a butterfly.

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