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How to use Evernote: 8 iPhone tips

Evernote is a great app, I've shared how much I enjoy using many times and in this post will share 8 tips for using it on my iPhone.

If you have some tips share them in the comments. For more great Evernote material check out Jamie Todd Rubin's blog.


On Another Place

Evernote is my knowledge base, my memory. Everything I want to store and anything that I think may be useful in the future goes straight into Evernote. If I get an email that I want to keep, I just forward it to a special email address and it goes straight into Evernote. If I find a really useful web page that I want to be able to look up at a later date, I can use the Evernote web clipper and it’ll be stored in Evernote along with a link to the original page. If I make notes in my notebook it’s an easy process to take a photo of the pages and put them in Evernote.

Once stuff is in Evernote it can be categorised and is searchable. It even searches within attachments and will perform OCR on your photos so that they are searchable too.

I don’t know where I’d be without it, to be frank.

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