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We Were All Witnesses

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We Were All Witnesses… to Cleveland’s last chance to hold on to LeBron.

This was meant to be the year that Cleveland were rewarded for years in the basketball wilderness. This was to be in his 5th year in the NBA, at Cleveland, the year that LeBron brought the Championship home to Ohio. It didn’t happen, and it wasn’t his fault.  This was the Cavs last chance to hold onto their “King”, they blew it and few fans have much faith he’ll stay.

The stage was set for a Lakers vs Cavs finals, Kobe vs LeBron, the two most extraordinary players in basketball.  I’m firmly in the LeBron camp when it comes to who is better. He’s the most incredible athlete to ever grace professional basketball. Unfortunately for LeBron he IS the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Whereas Kobe has a strong supporting cast of Gasol, Bynum, Odom; LeBron has had no real wingman in his time at Cleveland.  This was meant to change this year with the introduction of Mo Williams, but his strong regular season performances came to little fruition in the play-offs, he was nowhere to be seen against the Magic.  Žydrūnas “Big Z” Ilgauskas and Ben Wallace are forever plagued with injuries, Delonte West and Anderson Varejao are forever plagued with inconsistency and players like Daniel Gibson, Wally Szczerbiak and Joe Smith just aren’t up to the challenge.

Redemption Story - Day 7

On Rock Solid

Here is a redemption story. God saves people by the preaching and sharing of the gospel. He saves people by having his people tell stories to other people about how good and awesome he is. I’m one of them. God saved me because a woman at camp, back in 1999, shared how God first saved her at camp when she was a kid. Through her story, I was able to get it, that God wasn’t just for my parents, that it’s more than just something to do on Sundays. God was choosing me, so I chose him, too.

When God saves someone, he brings them into his family. It’s adoption! It means life to the dead. Belonging to those who would have no one. Love and acceptance to the unlovable and otherwise rejected.

God is my family. The Church is my family. Jesus is my big brother who loved my Dad so much that he said ‘Yes’ when Dad asked him to die for me, for all of us. The good news is that he’s not dead anymore. He’s alive! I can’t wait to see him. He is my hope for life. He’s my everything. He is worth my everything!

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