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Count down to delicious

In a couple more days this "makka" breadfruit will be ready for roasting. Renowned for its yellow heart, soft breadlike texture, it goes well with any savory dish. My favorite way to enjoy breadfruit is freshly roasted, eaten with ackee and saltfish, our national dish, with a slice of simmonds pear and a mug of coffee. If the meal is had later in the day, a tall glass of lemonade can be substituted for the coffee.

This year we are experiencing the worst drought in recent memory. The summer is extremely hot already and it only early July. August is the height of summer and usually the hottest month. The plants and trees are feeling the heat as well and the lack of rainfall is also affecting them. The breadfruit tree relies on rainfall to bear and for the fruit to not prematurely fall off the tree. My fingers are crossed that I will not loose too many breadfruits and this one will hold so I can enjoy it.

I am happy that I am able to capture so many wonderful images in my backyard as the drought is posing a real challenge to the lushness we often take for granted.

Speech: Slow Down and Enjoy Your Coffee

On [Creative, World-Changing Title Here]

This is the draft for a speech that I presented at my Toastmasters group last week. It was for project three of the Speaking to Inform manual, which is the demonstration speech. I did not actually make Greek coffee during my demonstration, but I pantomimed the process using a pot, spoon and coffee cup. I also brought the ground coffee beans in some snack bags to show to the audience; I wanted them to see just how finely ground the coffee beans really are. This speech was delivered without notes, so I'm sure that the talk that I gave differed from the draft below.

Toastmaster Introduction:

Today, David will be presenting a speech for Project 3 of the Speaking to Inform manual: The Demonstration Talk. Thanks to businesses such as Strarbucks, and products like Instant Coffee and K Cups, we live in a culture where we have quick and easy access to coffee. But how many people even consider that there may be alternatives? Today David is going to tell us about another method of preparing coffee.

Speech Title: Slow Down and Enjoy Your Coffee

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