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Rucksack Fantasy!!

Oh how I love rucksacks. There so cool looking. The thing about rucksacks (not the camping kind). You know the ones people get for school and college. You only really see girls or cool looking Asian people with them. They cost so much. The good ones anyway.

The love with rucksacks started the day I walked in to River Island. When I walked up them stairs. I got to the top and there they were, the most beautiful bags I ever seen in my whole life. They were just sexy. But pricey.. So not that day.

All day I would think of getting a rucksack kinda sad I know, but then I said no I'll wait and get one for college you know look cool. I got my girlfriend one for Christmas last year and she still uses it. Pretty Nice if I say .

But I had to give in and finally I got one. I said fuck it. I'll get a rucksack. And its one of them out of superdry, Real nice. It's red and has the superdry logo on it, with a bit of Japanese. I love it so much, nicest bag I think I ever had. I got my eye on one for next year when I go to college, its on ebay hoping that someone does't buy it. Cheap as well.

Thanks For Reading, Sean Broughan

Mio Sushi

On Portland: Small Town Girl in a Bigger City

So I did have the chance to try eating at Mio Sushi this past week. Yelp had pretty good reviews and there was one fairly close to work so we headed over. I decided to try their Shogun roll and Brady had a yellowtail roll. It wasn't bad you know! The yellowtail roll they had seemingly pre-made as they pulled it out and unwrapped it from some cling wrap but I got to watch them make mine. It was delicious, nothing like Kyoto Sushi in Boise but still pretty good! Their house tea wasn't quite to my tastes but what can you do?

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