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Friday Found Poem: Asylum

On like an apple

As a lawyer I once specialized in refugee law, or, more precisely, asylum law, which is the term for the law governing refugees who present themselves to the government of a country of which they are not citizens, seeking permission to stay.

So it is interesting to speculate on what grounds Russia has decided to grant Edward Snowden temporary asylum. As a practical matter, with these sort of "show" asylum grants, the country in question usually isn't paying strict attention to the law about whether someone qualifies as a "refugee", anyway. But just for fun, here is the legal definition of a "refugee" in international law: a person outside of his or her home country who has a well-founded fear of returning to his or her home country because of persecution on account of race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or membership in a particular social group.

In any event, today's found poem is taken from the NYT article about Russia's recent decision.


Brushing aside pleas and warnings from American officials, Russia granted Edward J. Snowden temporary asylum and allowed him to walk free out of a Moscow airport.

Bridging the Gap

On Millennial Marketing

Okay so you’re probably wondering what this post has to do with marketing and I assure you that it does. Using the power of internet marketing Jon Mitchell Jackson has turned a boring field into something interesting and engaging to readers and commenter’s. How did he do this? Let’s start with his website,Jacksonandwilson.com. The homepage looks more along the lines of Buzzfeed rather than an "attorney at law" website. My instincts tell me to scroll down where I am greeted by video after video of content from "how to find a good lawyer" to "what you don’t know about the McDonalds Coffee Case". Wait a second, "HOW TO FIND A GOOD LAWYER", this guy must be confident that after watching it you'll still end up using his practice.

I scroll back up to the top and find a link to his blog and think to myself, "A law blog, I'd rather eat a pile of dirt". For the sake of research I click the link to his blog and what I see next has my jaw dropping and my eyes glued to the screen in confusion. First post I see, "Justin Bieber shows you the WRONG way to give a deposition". I am not a fan of Justin Bieber but this opportunity to watch videos of him acting like a total jackass was too good to pass up! Wait a second how did I get here? I thought I was on a law firms blog? Exactly! His blog is filled with interesting content about how the law effects the world around us on a daily basis. Bravo Mr. Jackson, but still so what?

What Mr. Jackson has done is what I like to call bridging the gap. He is present on every single social media account there is. And when I say present I mean a force of nature. He is constantly updating his facebook with new videos and articles on what’s going on in the mediahttps://www.facebook.com/JacksonandWilson. He has a whopping 18.6k followers on twitter @mitchjackson. He even has plans to roll out a snapchat campaign. Too many of us it may seem overboard but I’m sure Mitch just laughs at the haters. You see when a news source is searching for a lawyer’s opinion on what’s going on with a certain celebrity case; Google just might put his blog post about Justin Bieber at the top of the page. It’s no wonder this guy is unavoidable. He’s created an online empire!

I started my search thinking, Jon Mitchell Jackson attorney at law, but then I ended my search thinking, Mitch my friend who is going to help me get out of trouble. This big difference in thinking is bridging the gap between a scary law firm and a millennial looking for a good lawyer. Mitch Jackson is a pioneer because he doesn’t play by the rules. Any industry can be interesting if you are willing to listen to what others are saying and answer tough questions even if it makes you seem less corporate. Engage us with good content and we may just remember you when we're on the curb starring at flashing lights. Now if you'll excuse me I have Justin Bieber's ridiculously immature deposition to watch!

Nick Echeverry

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