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On Mapping Happenings

So what does it mean? Who knows? It just sounded cool. But I do know that a little less than two weeks ago, our local jazz station, KSDS, "Jazz 88.3", began a blues jam at Proud Mary's on Wednesday night and moved their Sunday night jazz jam to Proud Mary's. We attended both. We saw founding member of Sha Na Na, Jocko Marcellino, perform at the blues jam as well as several local blues notables.

Pictured singing is Jocko Marcellino. On pocket trumpet is Ray Brown. Others unidentified.

Sunday night Bill Shreeve was on sax with Mark Augustin on guitar and Lisa Hightower on vocals, Tommy Gannon on keys, and a host of others. It is remarkable that locally for the cost of food and/or beverages one can sit and listen to some great live music, and meet and talk with the artists providing the sounds. Not that this doesn't happen elsewhere, but there is something happening every night here in San Diego, in practically every genre of music you can imagine. This past weekend was an exceptional example of what I mean.

Friday night we were back to Proud Mary's to see Sue Palmer and Her Motel Swing Orchestra. This time my brother and his wife came down from Riverside to go with us. They were surprised there was no cover charge for hearing this great music. But this was just the warm-up of a great weekend.

The Steadfast Blade

On Chasing Serendipity

Jared sat in an armchair, set at angle to the flickering fireplace. As Jamie rose from the sofa that created the rest of the angle, he glanced up, hazel eyes framed by a bare hint of gray in his dark hair. She smiled softly at his inquisitive glance, and shook her head. His lips twitched back, and she moved through the hallway, into the kitchen.

When Jamie returned, Jared had gone back to staring at the crackling fire. She set down a glass of wine onto the table to the right of the armchair, and he looked up at the sound of glass meeting wood.

"You only ever stare at the fire and be silent like that when something's on your mind." Jamie laid a hand on his shoulder for a moment, then raised it to caress his cheek. Jared leaned into the touch, closing his eyes, and they remained there for a silent moment. Then she continued, "What is it, babe?"

The endearment always brought a smile to Jared's face, and it did not fail this time. One side of Jared's mouth lifted. "I don't really know, Jamie."

She glanced at the piece of thick paper he grasped in the gap between two fingers. Jared had not once released it the whole evening, Jamie noticed. He caught her glance, and he gave another crooked expression, one shoulder rising and falling. "You know I never keep anything more serious than planned gifts or vacations a secret from you. This came today."

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