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How Much Would it Cost to Buy Newcastle United?

On Save Newcastle

An article I read in the daily mail from June of 2013 suggested Mike Ashley was hoping to sell the club for £279 million. This got me wondering if that was a realistic sale price? Is Mike Ashley asking for too much, or is he asking for too little?

If the fans are going to develop a successful plan to purchase the club or a portion of the club from Mike Ashley it is important to have realistic targets. I am going to go through some details and known facts below to try and get a ball park range on the cost to buy Newcastle United.

Mike Ashley Purchase Price:

According to most reports Mike Ashley purchased the club for £134 million. After purchase he has loaned the club around £140 million to pay off the clubs debt and pay for the additional cost of relegation. According to the NUFC fan forum £11 million of that debt has been repaid. This brings his current total invested cost to £263 million (£134 million purchase and £129 million in interest free loans)

Stop saying soccer

On The Thoughtful Young Djedi from Bermuda

I hate the word soccer.

I’m not a football snob or anything, I just don’t like how it rolls off the tongue. In the above scene from Green Street Hooligans, Charlie Hunnam (Pete) berates a very timid Elijah Wood (Matt) for saying “soccer” instead of “football”. I also share these sentiments, but for a different set of reasons. Let me explain.

A history of the beautiful gameWith world cup qualifiers heating up and WC2014 Brazil right around the corner, it’s finally time to settle this once and for all. So who actually invented this word that the U.N., World Bank and international community have all come to despise? Well it was Britain of course.

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