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This is quite exciting! I did not plan on starting a blog today but I find the best things in life are those that you stumble upon when you are open. I found this site by way of zenhabits, which is amazing and also found by accident several months ago.

I basically love the philosophies that Tynan and Leo put forward. The idea that anyone can change, if they do it purposefully, and joyfully. Ever since I learned the flute as a young kid, I have understood that practice will create improvement--no matter what the starting point is.

It is a natural time to take stock: my fitness and work habits are fairly strong and I began keeping track of my spending earlier in the year (thanks to some tips from Leo and the book Your Money or Your Life) so I am not worried about that trajectory either. But I am concerned about my eating and sleeping habits. I also want to take more time to reflect, meditate and stretch. Finally, I want to be way more productive. I strongly believe that better organizational skills will create a lot more peace and less work in my life.

My concrete plans: Eat more fruit and veggies and feed my kids more fruit and veggies too (3 servings minimum). Sleep more (8 hours). Do yoga and a few minutes of meditation every morning (10 minutes).

As for the bigger-picture issues such as productivity/organization and reflection, I am not going to make a concrete plan at this moment. I have to save something for future blogs.

2013: The Habitual Year

On Kevin Espiritu

I've been very successful in my quest to eliminate hardcore competitive video games from my life. By using Stickk, a friend, a monetary incentive, and accountability, I've hard-quit League of Legends and repurposed the hours a week that I was spending playing games.

This next year is going to be very exciting for me, but is also going to require a lot out of me as a person. It is going to require me to become a different person if I want to have what I will consider a "successful year."

There are no financial, travel, or social goals planned for 2013 at all.

Instead, I will call 2013 the Habitual Year. The only true "goal" that I have for the year is that I commit to implementing or quitting one habit per month using the framework that has worked so well for me this past month. The way I see it, if I implement or remove a total of 12 major habits (think nutrition, exercise, meditation, socializing, etc) then 365 days from now there really is no way I can have a bad year.

I need to focus on habits that other people can easily see if I have accomplished or not. For LoL, it was easy because there are 3rd party websites that track gameplay, allowing Jon to see if I'd played or not regardless of if I wanted to tell him the truth. This needs to be the case in any future habit challenge.

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