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Weekly Review 2014.11.21

1. How'd I do?

I feel like I've had the same update for weeks. Morning routine awesome. Friday routine missed (at least this week I got to it on Friday even if I forgot about it in the morning!). Evening routine mediocre -- "loosely held" but getting loser and basically too loose at this point. Because this week I really didn't get quite enough sleep and started feeling under the weather. That really doesn't happen when I'm vigilant about sleep -- just that extra half hour makes a big difference in health and mood. But that extra half hour of doing work at night can make a big difference in getting things done too!

2. What got in the way?

Friday routine: Forgot because I had to cook an apple pie for stone soup and it got waaay out of hand. I'm also tired -- see evening routine.

Evening routine: I've had a lot to do. Mostly the biggest thing is a lack of consistency in what I really expect of myself. I think I write in this blog about what I will do, but then I forget what it is.

Days Twenty-Six and Twenty-Seven: One Amazing, One Very Good


Day Twenty-Six turned out to be incredible.

Lately, I've been working a practical process to get into "High Creative Mode" -- I think has a high hit-rate for getting into that Mode, but I'm not able to consistently execute it. D26, I did --

Strange opening to the day. Didn't sleep on the 15th to force-normalize my sleep schedule.

Woke up at 12:30AM after roughly 8 hours -- earlier than I expected, but I felt awake and refreshed.

First 90 minutes of day I spent reading, answered a couple emails, surfed the net, had water and coffee, was a little groggy. I'm waking up now.

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