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Weekly Review 2014.11.21

1. How'd I do?

I feel like I've had the same update for weeks. Morning routine awesome. Friday routine missed (at least this week I got to it on Friday even if I forgot about it in the morning!). Evening routine mediocre -- "loosely held" but getting loser and basically too loose at this point. Because this week I really didn't get quite enough sleep and started feeling under the weather. That really doesn't happen when I'm vigilant about sleep -- just that extra half hour makes a big difference in health and mood. But that extra half hour of doing work at night can make a big difference in getting things done too!

2. What got in the way?

Friday routine: Forgot because I had to cook an apple pie for stone soup and it got waaay out of hand. I'm also tired -- see evening routine.

Evening routine: I've had a lot to do. Mostly the biggest thing is a lack of consistency in what I really expect of myself. I think I write in this blog about what I will do, but then I forget what it is.

The Best and Worst Things About Making My Own Schedule


If you've never worked for yourself, I'm not sure it's possible to imagine what it's really like.

You probably overestimate some parts of it and underestimate others. It's not quite the same as when you're vacationing and your only prerogative is relax and see sights. You have responsibilities that need to get done, but no one's going to tell you when or how to do them.

Today I wanted to talk about my favorite and least favorite parts of this equation.

My favorite part, by far, is that I get to control the amount of craziness in my environment.

If I want people and noise and craziness, I can go shopping on a Saturday or out to a bar on a Friday night. If I want quiet time, I can go out when places are empty.

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