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Weekly Review 2014.10.24

1. How'd I do?

Friday Review: Hit it on Friday! Didn't get to it first thing today, but I had a stressful morning, so this is about as good as it gets. Didn't set an alarm at weigh-in because I didn't weigh-in until after I started writing this review.

Morning Routines: Hit every one, even this morning which was seriously time crunched, but I got through it anyway.

Evening Routines: Skipped it on a few nights, but holding to the bedtime much better. I am trying to decide whether this is exactly what I want -- some flexibility around this routine -- or whether I want it more ingrained. If I want to ingrain it I need to (a) commit, and (b) record it.

Tracking: I've been tracking my sleep well. I did my weight late this morning, which is fine due to the nature of the morning mentioned earlier. Would love to get bank account balance in there.

Oh, sleep where art thou?

On PaizOnPoplar

I very rarely have trouble sleeping, but tonight is the night. All was going well, I was in bed by 10:15 and quietly snoozing away, when I noticed a light on in the living room. What could it be? Child getting water? Spouse? Intruder. Spouse in bed, check; Kids in bed, check, check, check. Intruder? All is quiet in the house.

Then I figured it out. I have this old torch lamp with a halogen bulb that doesn't light up right away. At some point before bed I must have turned it on, then when it didn't light up, I forgot about it. And then after I had been asleep for just long enough to recharge my batteries, bingo, it's on.

This is the worst. I'm fully awake, just waiting for the rest of the world. I can't login to work. I can't do anything that would wake anybody else and I can't sleep!!!!! This is horrible, I hate to start the week off tired and this is going to be a busy week. I'm closing on a new house on Wednesday. I've got big deadlines at work by Friday, so I can take a week off and refinish the floors on the new (old) house before we move in. And now all I can think about is everything.

Maybe, now after a venting and searching for a snack the sandman will come. I wish I had picked up more almond butter. I find that a nice fat scoop usually helps with this situation. Oh well.

Here is a picture of the new house.

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