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Mission #2: Biggest Problem + Its Relation to Fear

In this blog post, I'm supposed to journal on what is the biggest problem I'd like to tackle in this change labs session and how its related to fear.

This post explains: http://zenhabits.net/fear-not/

My biggest problem: I would like to create solid morning and evening routines that are the anchor for my day. In the long term, these routines will include meditation, exercise, daily review, flossing, etc. However, for the short term I focusing only on my morning routine, and I am beginning with meditation and exercise. I am doing just a very short amount of each, building up to a slightly larger amount of either meditation or exercise each week. If I have to pick just one big goal, it would be to establish a solid strong exercise habit.

So, how is this goal related to fear? Specifically, how is not exercising related to fear? Definitely on some mornings when I've chosen to remain in bed rather than exercise, there is a fear of discomfort there. Although, I honestly don't know whether exercise or sleep is more important in cases where I haven't slept enough. However, that's really not my most common problem. My most common problems are:

(A) Not getting around to prioritizing exercise. I think all the time about how I really want to establish an exercise habit, and I read a bunch of articles about it, but I never sit down and spend time on choosing and committing to a particular plan for myself (even if it's just 2 minutes a day in the morning). Some times I choose (or mostly choose?) something in my mind, but I don't write it down or record it, and I know for a fact that I am more likely to do it if I record it somewhere. But it's really hard to find the time (or establish the habit!) of recording it.

Progress Is Made

On The Awesomest

How did I do?

I did my Unprocrastination Sessions 4 out of 5 days this week.

What impediments were there to the process?

A consistent schedule was hard for me. My wife's hours at work are irregular so it's hard for us to plan. I'm trying hard to be consistent and go to bed and wake up at roughly the same time. That is helping.

What can I do to remove the impediments next week, and improve the process?

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