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Sled Island

This week me and mum are volunteering at a music festival in town called Sled Island. Our first shift was yesterday and we were checking people in and giving them wristbands, which was really cool because I was on the artists table! So I met a bunch of cool people from a bunch of cool bands!

Today we set up for the block party... in the rain... all day.. But there were food trucks and music and I got a super cute scarf and some more bracelets that I really like. Tomorrow i sour last shift and we might see some music after that! YAY FUN THINGS.

How I Became a Famous Pickup Artist : Part 3

On Tynan

This is part of an ongoing series. If you haven't read them already, read :

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I wrote out this entire post before, and then the computer crashed and I lost it all, so I haven't felt like working on it. Finally, I'm biting the bullet and starting over :

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