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Titanic: Life or Death

As I watch the end of Titanic right now, a couple of things flooded my mind, but as I was thinking of a title for the post, something even more important came to my mind--and perhaps God put it in my head to share with everyone so that they know they have Life!

In Titanic, Rose has a choice. She has the opportunity to choose whether she gets on a lifeboat and leaves Jack behind, but have 99% security that she will live [and I say 99% because this world is not perfect but the world I want to talk about is], or not getting on the boat and risking her life. Likewise, our life is the same way. Everyday we are faced with choices, but the most important choice that determines our life in the present, future, and ETERNITY is a choice we rarely ever think about, yet the most important one, as I mentioned before. That choice is Jesus Christ. He is the One that can save us, the One that can give us LIFE and save us from DEATH. So what choice do you make? *SPOILER* Take a lifeboat or stay on the boat while it sinks and possibly die?

Like I mentioned above, as I watched the movie, talking about this is not what I had in mind, What I had in mind were other issues, socially, mostly, but when I titled this post, the Lord told me: You need to write about THIS, and so here it is.

I hope this helps anyone out there who is suffering, confused, or feel like everything is Lost. I tell you, from personal experience, HOPE is NOT Lost. It's just hidden in the fog. You just have to find the Light at the end of the tunnel. Keep going. Keep running. Don't give up. It's there. Like that old saying, there is a treasure at the end of the rainbow, and this treasure is bigger than what you can imagine. If you want to know more, you can contact me here, a friend, or a pastor at your local church [even if you've never been there, they'll welcome you with open arms. Remember: every time a soul turns to God, the angels and Him rejoice in heaven :) ].

Again, to prove how the Lord works, here are quotes I wasn't planning on using:

Two Books that are Kind of About Empathy

On Tynan

Today I'm going to talk about two weaknesses I have and two excellent books which address them. One book was recommended by my friend Brian Sharp during an awesome presentation he did at the Game Developers Conference (video coming soon, Brian?). It's called Difficult Conversations. The second is called the Time Paradox, which I got off my friend Derek's reading list (Derek provides notes for every book, which gives you a good idea of whether you'll like it or not).

Self Expression

Unless I've dated you in the past, you might be surprised to hear that I'm not very good at expressing myself. The irony, of course, is that blogs are about self expression, and the authors that make themselves most vulnerable often have the most success. But if you look at my past articles, I very rarely talk about my feelings. I'm transparent about who I am, what I do, what I've done, where I go, what I think, etc., but how I feel is notably absent.

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