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The Best Wins are the Small Victories

Ever wonder how an Olympic athlete feels as he stands on the Gold medal podium, basking in the victory of his win? Does he feel prideful, like he is entitled to it? Does he feel humbled by the greatness of his talent? Or does the victory feel very natural, like he should be there because it's what he's envisioned and practiced for all along?

Often we are so concerned with making the huge, giant leaps in life, that we miss out on the small nuggets of joy, the mini-wins, the little ones that add up into that huge W. How often do we allow these small wins to build our confidence and self-esteem?

Changing the Way We Keep Score

In school, we are conditioned to add up all our efforts and knowledge into the biggest contributors to our grade in the class: the test and the final exam. We are consistently awarded medals and trophies for winning divisions and championships. No mind or award is given to the student who's mind is blown at the moment they discover that they can solve for x. No accolades are dished out for the student who catches his first pass, or gets his first "yes" from a girl he asks out. These small, often intangible victories make up such a significant of our experience, but yet become so forgotten and swept away in our pursuit of the big prize - the championship, the final, the kiss.

We've all heard the phrase "it's the little things in life". And, it is, because the larger victories of our life wouldn't be manageable at all without the smaller boosts of self confidence that helped us arrive there. Shifting our gears to look at our lives as a culmination of small victories instead of one giant win greatly enhances our confidence to branch out into new roles and stretch our growth into new possibilities.

From Pornography to Purity

On A Day In The Knowledge from Above

Wow. I have had the roughest week of my whole life. Let me explain. These details are deep and gritty and nasty (not literally) to hear.

Someone incredibly close to me, someone I care about so much, someone I love deeply revealed a secret to me. His addiction to pornography. It hurt. I cried for days. He cried for days. We yelled, we fought, we cried, we got angry. Both of our lives were changed forever. Forever. I don't think things will ever be the same. Let me explain what that means: things will never be the same. God is in charge, and He has shown this to the both of us. I definitely think that God used this to show us His mercy, His Love, His grace.

This occurred last Saturday, so a week ago. It was written in a letter that just poured emotion, poured sadness, sorrow, grief, anger, hatred. When I read the letter, I was surprised but thought that this problem was done. Then, I learned this addiction was still going on. That was the most heartbreaking moment of my life. I was split into two.

I don't understand why this happened and I keep asking this person why he allowed this to happen, knowing full well it was wrong. I don't know. All I know is that God IS GOOD. I know it's hard to understand that. You're probably like, what? How can God be good, allowing you to go through this, allowing this person to go through this? My friend, let me tell you, God's mercy shines more than ever. His love is the greatest thing that there is. Gosh, I wish I could show this.

Pornography. When I read that, it was like I was thrown into a ditch, left to die slowly. I was in an emotional "coma" for days. I wasn't dead, I was just nearly dead.

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