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Ebb & Flow

Over the past week or so, I have been in a state most people would characterize as “depressed.”

What? Aren’t you the guy who literally wrote the book on how to live a kick ass life?

Yeah. I said most people.

Most people have a horrible lack of insight in the natural patterns in their own lives.

They notice they don’t feel so good, thinking maybe they’re depressed or worse. Maybe you need some pills for that. There are pills for everything these days.


On minimalift

“Do great work and have the courage to sell it and force it to be sold. You can’t just have talent. It’s not enough to have talent. You have to have the courage to not let anybody force you to ever do a job that you don’t think is great.

And people say to me “Yeah but you can’t do that. You don’t want to throw a client out and people’s jobs and blah blah you got to keep your job…” You just proved to me that you’ll never be great. The minute you start doing bad work because it’s “forced on you” you ain’t shit! You have to have the courage to fight for your work.” - George Lois

I’ve felt pressure from within to write lately. Truth is I want to, but I am burned out. I’m chopping up a couple of my rough drafts here and putting them together so you get an idea of how I deal with burnout.

I’d say my first true burnout was buying a property. The solicitors on both ends were useless, and the seller (who was also my landlord) was less than helpful. The mortgage offer collapsed once and the total process took eight months. Sleep wasn’t happening, thinking straight was impossible, and interaction usually ended with me flipping out or slumping into a sorry heap. I couldn’t handle the most basic of questions, such as what we might eat for dinner.

The effects of that stress was all-consuming for a time. After the mortgage completed, I thought I’d go straight back to normal. But still I couldn’t sleep, unwind or handle any kind of conversation. I wanted to curl up into a ball and be left alone.

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