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The 4 Critical Factors For Massive Success In The New Economy

I think that if someone were to document every breakthrough moment, genius idea and significant advancement in the human race, I think they would find a disproportionate amount of those ideas occurred while someone was taking a dump.

This is one of those insights.


The following are four things I absolutely think you will need if you want to be successful in anything. (And yes... success, in this case, refers to something that not only you love but also something that makes you money. Sometimes lots of it.)

The first is that you need to be a creator.

Chocolate fudge cake - special but not too fudgy!

On Natalie's Kitchen Classics

Yesterday was 'disaster day' in my kitchen, which has prompted me to share another recipe (it's been too long!). My son's 12th birthday, a chocolate cake was required, but I wanted to do something a bit more special (and bigger) than my 'plain and simple' chocolate cake, but not too 'muddy' or 'fudgy' - he's not keen on anything too rich. So I pulled out David Herbert's recipe that I'd made for my Mum's birthday in 2008 - yes, I made a note on my recipe which I do sometimes to remind me.

There are many things to like about this recipe - my favourite thing is that the ingredients are listed by weight rather than 'cups' - it's so easy to measure 250g sugar, re-set the digital scales to zero, then add in 280g of SR flour, etc. Much easier than measuring cups, half cups etc. In fact, if you've got a recipe that uses cup measures, it's a good idea to measure properly then weigh, and make a note on the recipe of the weights - to make it simpler next time.

This cake has a lovely lightness to it - David says it's because of the bicarb soda. And it's deliciously chocolatey, but not too rich. He just chucks everything into the bowl at once and mixes it for a few minutes with an electric hand-held mixer. I wasn't sure my cheap as chips mixer would cope with this, so I did the more traditional creaming of the butter and sugar, then adding the eggs, then the rest. Do what you like to ice it - I just used an icing sugar, lots of butter, dash of hot water mixture, which worked well. Although his icing on this recipe is very lovely.

My first attempt at this cake yesterday was a disaster. Cake tin too small (although I did measure it and it looked okay - can I blame the recipe?), so the cake spilled over and landed on the bottom of my oven. Grrrr. Second attempt - in a slightly bigger tin - worked well, although it was a tad sunken in the middle. Maybe my oven temp was a bit low second time around? But it was tasty, and there's not a crumb left today. (My other disasters included breaking a bowl, over-melting the butter so it was 'runny' not 'softened', cutting my fingers (two of them!) on the broken bowl, dropping a bowl of melted chocolate into the bowl of flour - poof! flour everywhere! - and I cut into the cake on the sides as I ran a knife around it in the tin to loosen before tipping it out. It was very nearly a trip to the shop to buy a last minute cake!!)

But all's well that ends well ... and I urge you to give this lovely chocolate cake recipe a try.

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