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The right thing at the right time

Sometimes I post weird things on my blog in the belief that... for some person, somewhere, it will be the exact right thing at the exact right time.

The post I put up yesterday was about how if you want to be exceptionally well-paid in whatever field you are in, you need to stop associating your getting paid with your doing the thing. The more you get paid for who you are rather than what you do, the more you get paid.

But, personally, I didn’t like the post. Not because of its contents, but because I didn’t think I expressed the idea very well. I think I might need more like 10 blog posts to express the idea in such a way that a new reader, uninitiated to marketing-think, would just get it.

But I posted it anyway, even though I immediately knew I didn’t like it.


Entrepreneurs Don't Want Jobs

On Tynan

If you paid me fifty times what I make now to work at a regular job, I wouldn't do it.

Over the past few weeks I've informally asked some of my other entrepreneur friends how much they'd have to be paid to work a normal job in their industry. None of them quoted any reasonable figure. Some of them didn't want to answer the question because it was so uncomfortable to think about.

When Justin Frankel, creator of Winamp, quit AOL, he was offered a job by Microsoft. They asked what he needed to work there, and he responded with a written offer. In his list of necessities were things like a private jet, the ability to work remotely 100% of the time, and all boat rental fees to be reimbursed. It was a joke, but he sent it to them anyway. That's how abhorrent the idea of a real job was to him.

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