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Damn son, why didn't I learn this when I was six years old?

When I first took an interest in running and looked at running shoes, I was taught that different people have different feet. That you need different shoes depending on what type of foot “pronation” you have.


It turns out that the fundamental anatomy of a human being doesn’t change. If you look at a dog or a cat or a rabbit, then generally speaking, a rabbit is a rabbit is a rabbit, etc.

If your feet point outward when you walk or stand, it probably means you have tight ankles. (Possibly from walking with elevated heels your entire life -- apparently, most boots and shoes aren’t made for walking, your feet are. Heels on shoes compromise everything from your heel cords to your knees to your hips to your back. Yay heels.)

If your feet point in when you walk or stand, it probably means you have tight hips.

Thoughts on Intermittent Fasting

On minimalift

Every couple of years you see a diet strategy for getting slim getting major airtime. Atkins, Paleo, Zone… these days Intermittent Fasting is the new hotness.

It’s always the same pattern. First someone rehashes some material that’s been around for a while - usually the 60s or 70s. Then some strapping young chap (it’s always a guy) writes a website, swiftly followed by a print book, and makes a ton of cash. Following on from that you get the obligatory evangelists in the fitness industry, acting like it’s a lifestyle. The next step is for mainstream media to latch onto it. Cue umpteen newspaper articles, product clones, and of course misinterpretations. The final stage is for my sister to ask me about it. When that happens, the diet is officially dead.

An anecdote. There’s a guy in my office who I chat to on occasion regarding lifting. He’s a Crossfitter and I’ve seen him train a couple of times down at Bethnal Green. Like me, he usually works to a fairly routine schedule - trains at the same time, eats and the same time and place, and it’s usually buying lunch where we cross paths.

He often complains of one injury or another, so I asked a couple of questions to get perspective on his situation. He told me that he had recently started IF in an attempt to lean out a little. I should point out here that this guy is tall, fairly lean (leaner than me, but then most people are) and I’d be generous in guessing his weight at 80kg tops. Alarm bell number 1 - you’re not that fat.

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