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What Could Have Been

I have always had a passion for design.

I have flat-out refused my mother’s help dressing me for as long as I can remember. I was literally still a baby when I started picking my own clothes. I have been fanatical about shoes since I was three-ish.

As a kid I drew all the time, and I thought I would be some kind artist when I grew up.

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On Tynan

Last night was rough. Waking from a nap in the middle of the night does not jive with me yet--daytime is much better. When waking from a nap in the middle of the night, your mind starts saying stuff like "what's the point of this shit", "maybe you should do this later, after might fail your tests if you don't get sleep." It's funny how my mind has a bullshit generator installed and running in the background at all times to keep me safe. It will belch out some instant rationalization why I shouldn't move past my limits at the first sign of discomfort. Fortunately, in this instance, I'm able to recognize it and adjust accordingly.

I didn't have much to do last night, as I had little planning going in to this. We were supposed to start on Nov. 21st. Every activity, and every minute of every cycle were to be planned out in a spectacle of time-management, but we jumped the gun and just went for it, figuring we could always do that later.

I felt really good, alert, and positive after my 2:30 nap today, although my body is seemingly cold and hungry at all times. My low blood pressure causes me to have cold extremities most of the time anyways, so I can deal with it. Before the nap I had drowsiness and heavy feelings in my chest and of course eyes.

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