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That thing you need more than food or sex

~ The Big Chill (1983)

Yesterday I was talking on Skype with a client of mine who is a dating coach. He teaches men how to destroy inhibitions and other weird behaviors so they can really express themselves around women.

In any case, we briefly discussed how some students are... how every single group of people will organize themselves into chunks of 5%, 15% and 80%.

In any group of people, there will be a top 5% who are kicking ass and taking names, 15% who are doing pretty good, and the bottom 80% who aren’t doing much of anything.

And... within that top 5%, there will be another top 5%, a 15% and a bottom 80%. Very interesting stuff if you ask me.

Abbie Says: Please Be My Valentine!

On Sleepless in Durham

I met Abbie quite recently and was struck by what a loving girl she is.  She loves to play, she's a bit shy, and she is such a sweetie!  I just wanted to take her home with me.  She is so good - she only climbs into one chair, and that one only after she was invited - but now that is her spot.

Abbie is another foster dog I've photographed in my volunteer work with BFPA.  If you want to meet her and adopt her, please contact Best Friend Pet Adoption, a no-kill animal rescue organization based in central North Carolina.  The folks at BFPA are fabulous and have so many animals who need new human families. Do please support them.

Here are a few images of this sweet, sweet girl.  I think she's just saying, "Take me home! I want to be your Valentine!"

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