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Escaping From The Hamster Wheel Of Death & Misery

Chao Phraya River, Bangkok

Don't be afraid of working until you bleed directly out of your eyeballs. The first impulse when starting a new project or business is the path of least resistance. What's the great, easily implemented idea that will provide a passive $10,000 a month income stream with no work on my part? Eh. No. That doesn't work. Don't even factor in how much effort is needed. The right question is "What person am I in the best position to HELP solve a big problem which that person is willing to PAY money to solve, AND where my solution is of extreme transformational value to that person?"

If you haven't put in at least 1000 hours mastering your main topic, you have nothing.There's no such thing as a "money making system." Your income is directly proportional to the value you bring to people's lives. You have no value if you're not good at something. If you're not good at anything, GET GOOD AT SOMETHING. Put in your 10,000 hours, and start today.

You need to get good at sales and marketing. Period. Study it in parallel with your main topic. Start with Claude Hopkins and David Ogilvy's books to get the fundamentals of good advertising. Gary Halbert's The Boron Letters are also now available on Amazon, which is incredible. Start there. There's more you need to learn and do, but if you don't understand what makes people buy things, you have nothing.

Nothing works if you don't. If your head is filled with bullshit, you'll keep getting in your own way no matter how intelligent you (think you) are. My book is a good start.

The Gym 'Off' Day List

On Kim the Fitness Freak

So, your body is aching, your throat is uncontrollably rough and coughing like a volcano (let's not go too further into description) and you feel like you could sit down all day in a big clump on the sofa.

We have all been there, because we are all human.. well.. let's hope:

anyways, if you are reading this:

-You obviously like going to the gym?

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