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The 4 Critical Factors For Massive Success In The New Economy

I think that if someone were to document every breakthrough moment, genius idea and significant advancement in the human race, I think they would find a disproportionate amount of those ideas occurred while someone was taking a dump.

This is one of those insights.


The following are four things I absolutely think you will need if you want to be successful in anything. (And yes... success, in this case, refers to something that not only you love but also something that makes you money. Sometimes lots of it.)

The first is that you need to be a creator.

Discover Your Drive and Maximize Your Potential

On The Hard Case Newby

Straightforward - I want to present to you today two tools which helped me to discover my drives and regain focus.


Backstory...I've been thinking a lot lately what drives me in life. The thing is the more you think, the more you become unsure till the point you conclude, that you don't really know yourself well enough. Then as decisions arise, you do decide but you start getting doubts on having made the right decisions or not...Which is a terrible situation to be in. Having doubts about yourself sets limiting beliefs, which weren't there before, and creates success barriers.

Therefore it is important to have a good understanding of your behavior and personality. This will enable you to make the right decisions, break those barriers and generally speaking live a fulfilling life.


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