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Yesterday’s post makes a lot of sense to me, but I can see why a lot of people think it’s weird as hell.

That's fine, I like weird.

It’s a bit weird, and I guess more than anything else, it’s a demonstration of unfiltered writing. I’m trying my hardest to be unfiltered in my writing. Just expressing myself and completely removing my mental threshold that filters out “what’s worthy of posting” from “what’s unworthy.”

That might not be a good way to put it. But what I’m getting at is this: most people have too high standards for the things they say or write. And not out of an artistic standpoint, though that’s what they tell themselves. No, it comes from fear.

What I posted yesterday I might have written a few months ago, but back then I probably wouldn’t have posted it.


On The Anon Girl

I have just now realized that not a lot of people come to my public library to actually sit here and read books. In the movies, people go to libraries and sit there and read books. In a lot of books this happens too, it's like their escape from the world, that's what reading is for me, and reading in the library, just makes it even more soothing, I mean if there's not a whole bunch of idiots talking to each other, singing, saying they need to go take a shit, and playing Minecraft. I'm pretty sure this is what more than 50% of the teens in my town do. They come downstairs to the teen room, get on a computer and either go on Facebook or Minecraft. Nobody actually reads in the teen room. Right now, I'm actually on a computer here myself, what a hypocrite I am. I was trying to read the third book in a series I'm reading, called Gone. There are 3 boys, and they are being very annoying, they might not realize it, but they are. So I couldn't read, because of how distracting they were being. Therefore, I decided to get on a computer here, and blog about it. Mainly, because I haven't blogged about it in a while, and I find it amusing that not a lot of people come here to actually read. Anyways, there's my pointless blog of the day. Yay for me. Do any of you have opinions on Libraries?

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