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Addicted To Stimulus

This is the best reason I have ever come up with for meditation.

I have never meditated. Tried it once, last year, for a few weeks. It didn’t stick.

In my book, I talked about how nearly everyone is addicted to validation.

Being validated by others. It’s an addiction far worse than any drug or alcohol or anything like that. Not to your physical health, but it’s what’s stopping you from growing up.

TyCast #1

On Tynan

No one has actually requested a TyCast, but luckily I can read minds. You want it and you know it. I refuse to call it a podcast because ipods are huge pieces of junk (ok... the nano is pretty cool...), because most people probably won't listen to it on an ipod, and further because I like sticking my name into anything.

Anyway, this is the first TyCast I've ever done. But boy, did I outdo myself. I tackled tough issues affecting citizens of the world today like : my domestic problems, lying to my neighbor, my addiction, and probably some other stuff I forgot.

Chiggity-chiggity-check it right here - TyCast #1 (12:10)

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